Marvel/DC Crossover Movie Pitch

Batman has grown fat, given up on fighting crime, and is in an unhappy relationship with Mystique. Along the way he’s lost his hair as well as his vast wealth and now works with Lois Lane, conning people out of their money.

But then Rocket Raccoon catches the pair red-handed and forces them to play a mean trick on Hawkeye…

"Get rid of the superhero powers, set it in the 70s and you’ve got a multi-award winning film on your hands.”

I have started to do something to humanise shops because I can’t not go into big multinationals and things. What I’ve started doing is calling them all as if their proprietor is Barry. So I’ll be like, “Oh, Barry Tesco, what a prick he is; I much prefer Barry Sainsbury’s.”

It’s really good because then in your head there is an oligarch class of Barrys.

Josie Long